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SME Podcast & Content Production Package

Creating content can be a real 'hashtag'. Our production package will provide you with a great collection of content. Starting with a podcast recording session at our studio, our interviewer will work with you to produce audio which you can share online. From just £350 + VAT, our production team will get your business podcasting started, in a fantastic way! 

The SME podcast production package includes:

  • Pre-production programme plan and podcast content assistance
  • Up to 2 hours recording studio time
  • An interviewer/producer to work with you
  • Post recording editing
  • Production music, fully licenced with no royalties to pay
  • Delivery as mp3 files ready for you to distribute

You'll also get:

  • A transcript of your interview which you can post as blog
  • Edits of the above which you can use a 'snippets'
  • Shorter mp3 clips which you can email to contacts, and post on-line

Currently available for booking until 30/10/19. Terms and conditions apply. Let’s take a look in more detail…

Podcast Content Production Service for Small Business...

How many podcasts do I receive, and how are they delivered to me?

Depending on the duration, we will produce one, two or (possibly) three podcasts. The finished podcasts will be supplied to you as mp3 files via a download area. How it pans out depends very much on the topic, and we certainly take an approach towards quality rather than quantity.

Where is my podcast recorded?

The actual recording session will take place at our production centre in Plymouth. If you would like us to come to you, this can be arranged, but there is an additional location-recording charge.

Certainly, for your first production, we recommend using our production centre. Not just for technical ‘ease’, but also because there is much less for you to worry about organisationally. You simply come to us, and our team will look after you. Tea, coffee, mineral water and biscuits await!

What is involved in the production process?

We can split this into four stages.

Stage 1: Pre-production discussion and brief

What is your podcast going to be about?! Exciting stuff! During this telephone-conducted meeting (conference call or Skype) we will introduce you to our production team and discuss what you would like your podcast to cover.

Here, we will make a recommendation regarding its format, duration, whether a longer, more-intense production will work, or if we should share the production time across two or three shorter podcasts.

What should I plan before this discussion?

Make some notes about the topics you would like to cover, but don’t worry if you only have a ‘vague’ idea – that’s what we are here to help with.

We’re happy for you to come to our production centre in Plymouth for this meeting, but we understand that diaries are limited; so, most discussions (until the actual recording day) will take place over telephone, conference call or Skype.

What our clients say...

"We use Fresh Air Group to produce Podcasts for our Public Relations campaigns, for ourselves and for our individual clients and have always found them to be a very professional and friendly team to work with.

Our clients really enjoy the experience too!"

Kevin Kelway, PR Expert at Dorcas Media


Let's start talking! It's easier than you think - we're very helpful!

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Podcast Planning Service...

Stage 2: You approve your programme plan

Using the information gathered earlier, we will write an outline script for you. This will contain a podcast introduction, some questions, bullet points about what will be covered, and a programme closer. You will be given the opportunity to approve this before the recording day.

Don’t forget, your programme outline might look a little ‘thinner’ than you originally anticipated. This is deliberate, as what tends to happen, is your recording will ‘expand’ as the conversation flows.

Stage 3: Recording!

Your recording session takes place at our production centre in Plymouth. The package includes two hours of studio time.

Depending on what your programme plan contains, this will involve you ‘in conversation’ with our in-house interviewer, just like a radio talk-show … or, working through the planned discussion between you and your colleague.

Wear something relaxing, bring your camera to take some selfies (microphones and studio-headphones make great props), and enjoy the experience.

You get plenty of opportunities to get it right, so don’t worry about retakes, umms, ahhs and suchlike. We’ll edit all of those out afterwards.

Please note, though, that our studios are heavily scheduled, with recording sessions on busy days happening one after the other. Your co-operation in helping us keep to time is appreciated.

Once the recording has been completed, you are free to go and leave us to do the rest! Our production team will set about editing the audio and turning it into a finished programme. 

What our clients say...

"We felt totally comfortable - it was easy to forget you were being recorded! We received a professional podcast ready to share with our audience. We could never have achieved this result without Fresh Air Studios' expertise. They’re local, affordable, fun and professional and they’re bringing podcasts within easy reach of SMEs!"

Lindsay Brown, Director, Access4Lofts National Franchise

Let's produce your very own business podcast!... to get in touch, or call 01752 229246

Podcast Editing and Mixing Service...

Stage 4: Editing and final production

Once you’ve done your bit in the studio, we set to work on editing out any mis-haps. We may (if agreed earlier), record an intro and outro to the podcast to package it together nicely.

Some production music may also be added to give your podcast an opening theme, this will all help to make it sound engaging and professional.

Your finished podcasts are delivered to you via a client-area.

Can I publish my finish podcast(s) on the Apple Podcasts app and other podcast services?

Yes. You are free to distribute your final production in whatever way you wish. You can host them on your website or submit them to popular podcast hosting services.

We’ll email your audio to you as an MP3 and that’s when you get to do whatever you like with it. You can upload it to your website, email it to your contacts list, put it out via your social media channels, burn it onto a memory stick, CD and so on.

Unfortunately, submission to iTunes, Spotify Podcasts and the like is outside the scope of this SME package, but advice is available as a bolt-on service. You are free, however, to subscribe to such services yourself and upload your finished podcast file(s).

Are there any additional costs?

Possibly. Rest assured, however, that any additional costs will be detailed before work commences. This may occur if, for example, you decide to have more material produced than is within the scope of this package... or, should you wish to include something additional like a telephone link-up with a guest participant. We will detail everything in advance.

Let's get started!

Contact us for a free consultation! So you can be sure we can turn your story, your business history, your idea into a podcast, and give you the opportunity to ask any questions.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions apply. We reserve the right not to accept bookings, and all booking are subject to availability. Missed or rearranged studio sessions will be charged for. Subject to usual credit terms and checks. All figures are excluding VAT. Kindly note that our studios are located on a first floor listed building; If you have questions regarding accessibility, please do ask in advance and inform us of any concerns - we will be delighted to help with making arrangements to accomodate wherever possible. E&OE.