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How much did you spend on your visual marketing last year: website, brochures, newspaper/magazine advertisements, posters, leaflets? Hundreds? Thousands? We all know how important it is to make our businesses look good but what about making it sound good? When did you last consider what your on hold messaging says about your business?

Why would you spend hundreds or thousands of pounds enticing new customers to call your business only to provide them with an initial experience that is less than stellar and doesn’t reflect your business’s brand? Why wouldn’t you utilise this opportunity to market your business services and products to a captive audience?

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

In 2012, the Audio Marketing Association (Europe) conducted a survey with the OHMA (On Hold Marketing Association in the US), into On Hold Messaging and its effectiveness as a marketing tool. 1555 clients responded from a broad range of industries. 

Here are some of their findings...


57% of callers are put on hold/transferred


 67% said their callers were on hold for an average of 15 to 60 seconds


24% said that on hold messaging had been directly responsible for sales (54% were unsure as they do not track this kind of information)

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Most businesses aim to answer the telephone within 3 rings but we know that isn't always possible. The research showed that a typical business using on hold marketing had 100 calls a day with an average hold time of 30 seconds for 57% of callers. This translates to half an hour a day, every day, of messaging to on-hold customers. That's 3+ weeks a year!

Of those businesses that responded, 85% would recommend on hold messaging and believe it's a useful marketing tool that adds value to the business. They rated on hold marketing as effective as Internet, TV/Radio, Direct Mail, and Print marketing.

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What Makes a Great On Hold Message?

There are a number of things you can include in your on hold message that will inform your callers, keep them on hold for longer, build your business image and reflect your business brand:

  • New products and Services
  • Promotions and Seasonal Offers
  • Information and Services your caller may not know about
  • Industry Tips and News
  • Achievements, recommendations and industry accreditations
  • Important information – business location and opening times, website and email addresses
  • Date-specific events

Your on hold is just like having your own radio station!

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What Makes a Great On Hold Message?

How We Can Help

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We ensure you have the right voice, music, style and message to reflect your business perfectly. You can choose from some of the best voiceovers in the business and a range of music styles.

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Our scriptwriters have years of experience in writing for audio, especially on hold and IVR systems. We’ll create an on hold message your callers will be happy to listen to – avoiding the clichés and stock phrases they hate to hear.

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Once your script is cleared and your voice and music chosen, we’ll record your on hold message with the voiceover, ensuring they have just the right tone and style for your business.

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Our producers will mix your recorded message with your choice of music and provide the final audio file ready for upload to your phone system. All music is PRS Licence-exempt so there are no hidden costs.

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