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Style & Persona:

Voice casting and tone of voice


Every year, we produce thousands of IVR voice prompts for some of the world's biggest brands - Hilton, Leaseplan, Three, Post Office, Royal Mail, Rentokil-Initial, Santander and more. We'll work with you to create a great customer interface: from basic recording to full scriptwriting, voice casting, focus group testing and brand consultation.

IVR Systems

Voice prompt recording services
Choosing from some of the top voiceover artists in the country, we will cast the voice that best matches your brand. Our producers specialise in audio for IVR - supplying superior quality prompts encoded and ready to upload to your telephone system.

IVR Scriptwriting

Scripting and Tone of Voice
We can write the scripts that really work for your IVR system, so you can provide a great experience and a more effective journey for your customers. Our team of scriptwriters can also take a fresh look at your existing IVR service.

IVR Call Flow

IVR Call Flows and IVR Optimisation
Our review service provides a fresh pair of eyes, which can be used alongside or independent of our scriptwriting services, to make sure your IVR system is routing calls efficiently - reducing customer journey time.

Improve your customer's interaction with streamlined prompts that are on-brand, informative, concise and structured to ensure their call is as quick and efficient as possible. Click here to find out more about all our IVR Solutions

Let's give your IVR a new lease of life. Click to contact us.

Client Testimonials

Over the last three years [Fresh Air Group] has continually met and exceeded expectations through excellent client management.

Post Office - About our IVR solutions

Working hard to achieve our aims, they have anticipated issues and have provided robust resolutions. The end product is always of the highest standard.

Craig Elmer-White (Customer Experience Consultant) - About our IVR solutions

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In 2010, during the eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano, we were the calm voice in the storm, supplying airspace emergency messages.