Why Do Companies Use Automated Phone Systems

Last updated 10th of October 2017

Author Lisa Hartwell

Why Do Companies Use Automated Phone Systems?

This is a question I’m sure you’ve yelled at your telephone at least once when dealing with a frustrating phone system:

Why Do Companies Use Automated Phone Systems?

Whether it’s a simple virtual receptionist or something more complicated, such as you get when calling your bank, the reasons for having automated phone systems remain the same: money and efficiency.

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Automated phone systems can reduce the number of people required to man (or woman) the phones. For some systems, this is because they automate common processes like taking payments, or provide often requested information without the need for a customer services advisor. For other systems, it simply means the caller reaches the department they need without going through one or more receptionists.

Automated phone systems also work 24/7, so many services can be provided out of normal office hours and during holidays. They can ensure callers who need to speak to a real human being reach the right person and that the advisor already has the caller’s details in front of them. 

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