Father's Day Marketing Ideas

Last updated 9th of June 2018

Author Martin Burgess-Moon

Who's the Daddy? Father's Day Marketing Ideas

We’re all still getting over Christmas and New Year, then Valentine’s Day and Easter but surprisingly, June is now here and we have another excuse to trouble the greetings cards industry: Father’s Day.

For some of us, Father’s Day has forever been tainted by the hideous 1997 film of the same name, starring Billy Crystal and the late Robin Williams.  For others, we still bravely soldier on and try to think of things to buy a man who is impossible to buy for.  Slippers?  Socks?  A cosy in the shape of a fluffy zebra to stick on the end of a golf club…?

But for those of us running businesses it could be a time to be creative, increase footfall and have a bit of fun with families.  So, what can we do?  Predictably, we’ve come up with some ideas.  Perhaps you might find some of these helpful…

The Man Who Has Everything

We just touched on the fact that dads are impossible to buy for.  So why not make it easier for customers?  Brainstorm some ideas with your colleagues, come up with offers and products that you feel will be perfect for fathers and promote your business as being the “essential Father’s Day solution”.  You could also come up with a perfect gift guide for your website and social media.

It’s an Easy Life!

What is the stereotypical image of the average dad?  Yes, of course, he’s the one that mows the lawn and washes the car.  You probably won’t be able to offer to mow customers’ lawns, so how about washing their cars?  If you run a business that has a customer car park, find a couple of eager colleagues to lurk outside and offer a free car wash to any dads that turn up on the day.  Take a few pics and you’ve got a great story for your social media.

Spoiler Alert

How about giving dads a unique service on the day?  Spoil him and give him a bit of pampering or help him learn something new.  Maybe your business could have a masseur on hand that day.  If you run a sports shop, have a pro available to give tips, or if it’s a DIY store, get an expert in to offer help and advice.

Doing it for the Kids

If you run a café or restaurant, help children treat their dad.  If they’re spending their pocket money buying him lunch, tell the kids that they can eat free and they only have to pay for dad.

Together Forever

Think about how your business can help dads do activities with their kids.  How about workshops or fun activities that they can do outdoors?  Maybe hold a competition where the prize is a day-out paintballing or attending an activity centre.

Don’t do Nothing!

Can’t think of anything you can do instore or within your business?  No problem!  Get your customers and clients to do it for you!  Acknowledge Father’s Day on your social media and encourage customers to share pics of them and their dads enjoying your products.

Start the debate in your business with your colleagues.  Throw these ideas around and you might find you’ll discover something we haven’t thought of.

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That’s if we’re not mowing the lawn or washing the car…


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