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Last updated 10th of January 2019

Author Lisa Hartwell

What Should You Say in Your Business On Hold Message?

There is a misconception among business owners that a business on hold message should consist purely of hard-core sales pitches, but that isn’t the case (see On Hold Messages Needn’t Be A Hard Sell). Yes, your on hold message should “sell” your business but only in the sense of promoting it.

There are many ways you can provide good customer service and customer experience in your on hold while promoting your products and services. Here are some ideas of what you can include in your business on hold message that will keep callers listening and paint your business in a positive light. 

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Where and When to Find You

Sometimes callers simply want to know when you’re open and how to find the business. Providing your business opening hours, location (with recognisable landmarks and your postcode for their sat nav), and other useful information, such as where to park, could be all they need to know.

Website and Social Media

Many callers will have found your details online, so dwelling on your website too much may be more of an annoyance than a help. However, if your website has new features or you’ve found that people don’t know what you offer online (such as online ordering and live chat) it’s worth sharing that information. Or maybe you have an active social media with fast customer service replies or unique special offers and competitions. Let your callers know!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

I covered this topic in my blog post on Frequently Asked Questions in Your On Hold Message, so I won’t repeat myself here. Suffice to say, if you find your callers asking the same questions over and over again, it's worth adding the answers to your on hold message.

New Products or Services 

You may not want to make blatant sales pitches, but it’s in your best interests and the best interests of your callers to let them know about new products or services. For example, if you offer bathrooms, accessories and fitting and have recently expanded to kitchens, customers need to know this; after all, you could take away the stress of them having to deal with two different companies. 

Promotions and Special Offers

Everyone likes to hear about special offers and promotions if it could save them money! Don’t be shy about sharing them.

Awards and Accreditations

Don’t be afraid to blow your own trumpet! If you have recently won an award or you have industry accreditations, let your callers know. They want to be reassured that they are doing business with a company that knows their stuff, so tell them when you are recognised for the quality of your work.

Seasonal Updates

If your business is ever-changing and evolving, then your on hold message should be too. Consider updating it regularly, whether that’s monthly, quarterly or half-yearly. For many businesses, it’s worth changing your message at key points during the year such as Christmas (see 3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Christmas On Hold Message).

Charity & Community Work 

If your business raises money for a particular charity or is an active member of the community, let your callers know. This is good for your public image but can also help raise awareness for your chosen causes. 

These are just some ideas of what can be included within your business on hold message. There are others – interesting facts, upcoming events, cross-promotions – depending on the kind of business you have, but all of them have the dual benefit of promoting your business and offering your callers good customer experience and service while waiting to talk to a member of your team.

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