What is On Hold Marketing?

Last updated 18th of October 2017

Author Lisa Hartwell

What is On Hold Marketing?

We’ve all listened to on hold messages when we’ve called a business and been asked to wait while they reroute the call or try to find the relevant person for you to speak to; but what is on hold marketing?

On hold marketing is the concept behind many of these messages you will hear and is exactly as the name suggests; it’s the business’s way to provide marketing information to you while you’re on hold.

This information might simply be frequently asked questions, such as their opening hours, their website address and where to find them, or it could include information on the full range of products and services they supply, promotions and seasonal offers, industry news, their accreditations and awards, and special events.

Good on hold marketing is an extension of a business’s branding and provides the caller with useful and relevant information that enhances the brand while making the time spent on hold seem shorter for the caller.

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