What are IVR Prompts?

Published 19th of September 2017

Author Lisa Hartwell

What are IVR prompts?

Our next question regarding IVR is: what are IVR prompts

This tends to arise from confusion over the terminology that is used when referring to IVR and automated phone systems.

Picture in your mind your automated phone system or one you’ve used recently.

Each system is a journey: you start the journey when you dial the number and are connected, and you end the journey when you reach a customer service adviser or complete a task.

Along the journey there are various stages and each stage – taking you closer to your destination – is referred to as a prompt because you are being prompted for a response. 

So, the first stage in the journey or the first prompt, might say something like, "Welcome to XYZ company. For sales, press one. To make an automatic payment, press 2. For all other enquiries, press 3."

When the caller makes a selection they are then moved on to the next stage of the journey. Those stages will be different depending on the choices made. So, if the caller presses 2, their next stage or the next prompt they hear will say, “Please enter your customer account number followed by the hash key.” Eventually, a series of prompts will lead them through the payment process until it’s completed.

Due to the number of different options available, these stages or prompts can be hard to keep track of, so we create a call flow diagram that will look a little bit like this, to detail each stage and all the potential journey routes.

what are IVR prompts

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