Summer Business Slump

Last updated 17th of July 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

Surviving the Summer Business Slump

There are times in every business when it’s easy to lose focus and let things coast along. Sometimes, that’s due to the time of year. For example, between Christmas and New Year, there are few businesses that are working flat-out, launching products and implementing new marketing plans – most are operating on the minimal number of employees or closed completely until 2nd January. 

And then there's the dreaded summer business slump!

Unless you’re in the tourist industry or another seasonal summer business, July and August can see trading slow down significantly – customers are enjoying the better weather at home or abroad, employees are disappearing off on their summer holidays, and any staff who remain are staring out of the windows wishing they were anywhere but there.

So, how do you throw off the summer ennui and keep your business laser-focused throughout July and August?

“Out of Season” Offers

Some industries are notoriously quiet in the summer months but run off their feet during other seasons. Not many people are thinking about having their boiler serviced or their tax returns completed during the summer, but later in the year many will want these tasks completed with an overwhelming urgency. If this is true of your business, market your key products or services at a reduced cost for those prepared to go against the trend: “Fed-up of always leaving your tax return to the last minute? Take advantage of our sizzling summer offer and save £100 in July and August.”

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Work on Your Business

The quiet times are perfect for building your business behind the scenes and making plans for the future. Some areas you and your team could concentrate on include:

  • Assessing and adjusting your brand strategy
  • Brainstorming and planning new marketing campaigns
  • Content creation for your website, social media and printed media, such as photos, videos, articles and white papers
  • Introducing new technology or training
  • New product creation or product/service repackaging
  • Networking at exhibitions and trade shows like the Devon Business Show
  • Tackling recruitment needs
  • Refreshing branding and advertising, such as your print ads, radio commercials, point-of-sale material and telephone on hold messages

For more ideas on how to make the most of the quieter days, read our article on Making the Most of those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer 

Take Some Time Off

None of us can operate at full-steam for 365 days of the year, so remember to take some time off. Holidays are important for maintaining your work-life balance, avoiding burn-out and spending quality time with your family and friends. If you don’t have children and tend to avoid going away during the school holidays you can still enjoy the occasional day off or plan some fun weekend activities in the summer sunshine.

Quiet times can be valuable for any business and its employees, and summer is the perfect time for innovation, brainstorming, training, planning, tackling long-neglected jobs or simply re-charging your batteries. Don’t lose focus during July and August; instead view it as an opportunity to concentrate on the areas of your business that might be overlooked during your busier seasons.

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