Small Business Video Ideas

Last updated 23rd of August 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

Small Business Video Ideas

According to a survey conducted by Promo, 44% of consumers watch at least five videos online per day and 70% said they often visit the publisher’s website after watching a video on social media.

Yet, many smaller businesses are avoiding videos because they think they’re too complicated or too expensive to make. So, here are a few small business video ideas to spark your creativity and show just how easy it could be to put your business on video.

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Simple Powerpoint Videos

Many of you will have a successful Powerpoint presentation already that you use to explain your business products or services, especially if you're a B2B company. Creating a video from that presentation is probably the simplest way to use video. They’re good for basic concepts and are an opportunity to share your marketing presentations further afield, especially when you can’t be there in person. For example, this video we created for Access4Lofts Franchise clearly explains the concepts of the franchise and can be used in a number of different situations – in this case, on their exhibition stand and website. You also have a resource that you can direct people to when they contact you for more information.

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On Camera

Not everybody is comfortable on camera but if you are, or you have somebody in your team who is happy to be your brand ambassador, then get on camera and create short videos explaining simple concepts, answering questions or demonstrating a product. Keep them short and simple (make a video for each idea or concept) as this will increase the likelihood of them being watched in their entirety and shared. It also means you'll build a library of video resources. We like to use Martin as our on-camera presenter, as you can see here in one of our FAQ videos.

Whiteboard Animation/Explainer Videos

These are a little more complicated to create but incredibly effective for explaining your products or services, and for customer experience or customer service messages. They’re called explainer videos for a reason; a good video will break down even the most complicated concepts to their simplest form and present them using memorable animations. For example, here’s a whiteboard animation video we created to explain…well…the benefits of our whiteboard animation videos!

Whiteboard animations for your business are an excellent way to communicate visually. For training, internal comms and much more. Click to get in touch for more info.

Mix It Up

You’re not limited to one of the above styles of video; you can mix things up to keep them interesting. For example, the previous video shows how you can insert “live” video into a whiteboard animation. And here’s Martin again, showing how we created a video using a mixture of on-camera presentation and Powerpoint-style animated graphics.

As we’ve discussed on the blog before (see articles below), videos appeal to people more than the printed word, especially online. So, isn’t it time you harnessed the power of video for your business?


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