Ready to Spring Clean Your Business?

Last updated 10th of April 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

Ready to Spring Clean Your Business?

Spring cleaning.  It's about as enjoyable as root canal treatment.

However, the results are very satisfying: no more pine needles under the sofa that have been lingering since Christmas, a grease-free oven, fresh-smelling curtains and upholstery and no more ice build-up, threatening to prevent you from closing the freezer door.

The tradition of spring cleaning can be seen in many ancient cultures and religious customs.  All of them focus on a spiritual or metaphorical cleansing to mark a holiday, new year (non-Gregorian calendar, of course) or the start of spring.

Say Hello, Microwave Goodbye

It feels as though we've been living in Arctic Narnia for an age; however we officially entered spring on 20th March.  April also sees the beginning of the financial year, making it a great time to consider spring cleaning your business before allocating your new budgets. 

By spring cleaning, we're not talking about giving your office a good vacuuming and scraping a year's worth of dried food out of the microwave.  Although, this would not be a bad idea - for the sake of your employees.

I'd Rather Stat, Than Fleetwood Mac

Check your stats and find out where your marketing is working best and what's losing its impact.  Continue doing more of what works, while overhauling what doesn't.  

Does your local print or radio ad need freshening-up?  Could you add more up-to-date information to your on-hold message?  Are you ignoring your social media followers?  Are you simply broadcasting the occasional tweet or Facebook post, instead of interacting with them?

Look at new marketing channels and see if you could utilise them.  Have you tried Facebook ads yet?  Could Instagram or Pinterest be useful to your business?  Have you tried advertising in Signpost?  Not all channels suit all businesses but don't write them off without exploring further.  Things change quickly, especially online, and something you ignored a year ago may now be perfect for your business.  Similarly, don't dismiss old-school marketing ideas - many are still effective or have come back into fashion.  Apart from the Today newspaper.

Stay on Track

If you don't have measurable stats for each sales and marketing channel, you might as well be shooting in the dark…

  • Put tracking in place and set benchmarks for what you consider a success. 
  • Ask new customers where they heard about you and keep a record. 
  • Track where website visitors are coming from and how long they stay on your site.  If you offer online ordering, find out where you are losing customers in your sales funnel.
  • Once you know where customers are coming from and what each new customer is worth to you, work out your return on investment (ROI).
  • Just because a sales or marketing channel isn't working well doesn't mean you should drop it completely.  See if there are changes you can make to improve its effectiveness.
  • Similarly, a channel that is showing a good ROI can often be improved upon.  Run tests to see if small tweaks can better your return.

Spring cleaning your business doesn't need to be a painful chore, like vacuuming the footwells in your car.  It can really clear out those metaphorical cobwebs and give you and your team a new sense of purpose, focussing on what needs to be done to make this your best year ever.

We Can Help

Don't forget, we at Fresh Air Group can help with any marketing needs you might require - from videos for your social media, to a whole new telephone on-hold and IVR package.  Call us on 020 7100 7986.

We can't clean your microwave though!


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