Halloween Marketing Ideas

Last updated 9th of October 2018

Author Martin Burgess-Moon

Make it a Frightfully Good Ooooooctober

Before the C word rears its ugly head (that’s Christmas by the way, not Cornwall), there are one or two other events your business can get excited about.  And looming through the fog is Hallowe’en.

Yes, we’re old-fashioned and we put an apostrophe between the Es.  It is after all an abbreviation of All Hallows’ Evening.  We have touched on Hallowe’en previously (see Promoting Your Business Needn't Be Scary), but this time we’ll go into the spooky event in more detail.

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Many years ago, we at Fresh Air Group undertook an enterprise for a client and a charity.  It was called a Spook Nav (if you type it into YouTube, you might still be able to see a video about it).  This was where people could play a CD in their car, visit various allegedly haunted local landmarks and hear all about what gave it its horrific reputation.

You could do something similar.  Create a spooky soundtrack to play around your workplace.  Or create a spooky video.  Communicate your brand’s message online.  Hallowe’en offers you the opportunity to be silly and grab people’s attention.


Food and drink is always part of the fun at Hallowe’en.  If you’re handing out goodies to the kiddies, make sure the family knows who it’s from.  Get branded bags that the kids can delve into, while the parents can take advantage of the vouchers you’ve cunningly placed in there.  The bags can then be recycled for when the kids go trick or treating on the big night itself.

If you sell food & drink in your business, the obvious thing to do is to have Hallowe’en themed dishes, from pumpkin soup to spookily decorated buns.  However, you can take it one step further: why not get your customers apple-bobbing for a free lunch?  Or even hold a pumpkin carving contest.

Halloween Marketing Ideas



Aside from the videos we mentioned earlier, another online antic you could get everyone involved with is incorporating your products into your followers’ Hallowe’en celebrations.  The most creative or bizarre effort could win a prize.

Make sure you get tagged when they post their creations if they’re using any of your products. Then credit them in your post and encourage other customers to get involved.


Whether it’s an office, shop or restaurant, it always looks better when it’s livened up a bit with some decorations.  Add some spooky or Autumnal touches.  They can draw customers and are great to show off your products or services online in a fun new way.

And why not throw a party?  It offers a great incentive for customers to visit your business.  You can allow people to enjoy your spooky decorations and themed food or drink, while offering some sales or other promotions.


Teaming up with other businesses is always a great idea, regardless of the event.  Lots of communities hold special Hallowe’en celebrations for families.  Join in, offer sales or special promotions or contribute the best decorations and costumes in return for plenty of branding at the event.

This time of year is also a popular time for families to visit attractions like apple orchards, cider mills, woodland and stately home attractions.  Connect with such attractions in your area and offer a discounted ticket or other promotions when customers shop with you.  It could lead to new business for both of you.


Of course, we don’t expect you to undertake all of these tips this Hallowe’en.  Some take a lot of setting up, so you can keep them in mind for next year.  A good one to try during the run-up to Hallowe’en is to visit other local businesses in your area and offer them some of your branded treats to hand out or offer at their reception area or checkout.

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