Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

Last updated 16th of January 2019

Author Martin Burgess-Moon

Lovely Time Ahead: Valentine's Day Marketing Ideas

Nothing says “I Love You” more than some hastily purchased flowers from a petrol station, accompanied by a card from a Pound Shop and a tub of Cadbury’s Heroes.  Well, that’s actually what most of us secretly want anyway, isn’t it?

We only mention this because after the hurricane of Christmas and the anti-climax of New Year, we have the next item on the agenda to pretend to get excited about: Valentine’s Day.

Saint what you do...

Valentine’s Day was of course invented by a Mrs Val N Tyne of Newport Pagnell.  She got bored one 14th of February, looked up some old saint in her I-Spy Book of Saints, realised they had similar names, flung open her window and bellowed, “This day shall henceforth be known as St Valentine’s Day”.  Passers-by declared her a witch and attempted to drown her in a nearby pond but there was a drought on, so they called it off.

OK, we made all that up but here are a few ideas for your business in February anyway…

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You’re a card.

Want to show your clients – or even prospective clients – how much you value them?  Get some branded Valentine’s Cards printed along with a small (but useful) gift and send them out.  It could be anything from a pen to a notepad.

Flower power

Around the time of Valentine’s Day, give out some flowers.  Not to every Tom, Dick and Harriet.  Perhaps set a figure and if a customer spends that amount or more, offer them a bunch of flowers.  They’ll be thrilled and will spread the word.  Capture these moments on social media of course.

Cake that...

Get colleagues to bake some Valentine’s themed tasty treats and keep them on a lavishly decorated table on your premises.  Customers will love the ability to help themselves.  You could ask for token donations which you can then pass on to a nominated charity.

valentines day marketing treats


...and party!

Everyone is used to Christmas parties.  How about hosting a Valentine’s themed party?  Invite current clients, potential clients and colleagues.  Or if you’re wanting to entertain the local community, put on a public event with music, food and entertainment.  Get your branding everywhere, have classic love songs performed, screen a rom-com.  Everyone will love it and will love you for it.

Love letters straight from your tweet

Anything and everything you do should be covered online, whether it’s through your website or on social media.  Maybe start a series of Tweets like love letters, where you single out a particular person or business in your area and tell your followers why you love them.

There are always ways to carry out fun tasks that involve colleagues and customers any time of the year.  But when something like Valentine’s comes along, we should always grab it with both hands, plan it and get everyone involved.  Not only can it be fun but it can also raise awareness and help you make new contacts and generate new business.

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