Autumn Marketing

Last updated 12th of September 2018

Author Martin Burgess-Moon

Leaf It To Your Autumn Marketing

It’s always a bit tricky saying when seasons start.  The meteorological calendar lumps the seasons into handy three-month cycles.  Spring is March, April & May.  Summer is June, July & August.  Autumn is September, October & November.  I’ll leave you to guess Winter.  

The astronomical calendar states that Autumn begins with the September Equinox of 21st-23rd September.  But whatever way you look at it, Autumn is coming. 

What does Autumn mean for us?  Poetically it’s the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.  It also means that the schools go back, better programmes start to appear on the TV and some of us might begin to think about the dreaded “C word”.  No, not Cowell.  

We’re talking Christmas.  Although, before we get to that, there are a few other things you can think about during Autumn.

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University Challenge

It’s not just schools that go back.  Colleges and universities do too.  So, your local area could have an influx of new students, which for you could mean new customers.  

Think about what people new to the area need.  Also, think about what people moving into new accommodation require.  If you can supply it, then target them accordingly.  Talk to the universities and colleges; find out when freshers days are taking place, get your team down there handing out flyers, vouchers and samples.

Thinking about the schools, what are parents finding it a pain to do…?  That’s right, all that back to school shopping.  Put together gift packs of branded stationary and give them away on social media or on your website with a competition.  If it’s too late to do now, then keep these ideas in the bank for next Autumn.

The Not-so-Great Outdoors

There was a time when we thought that the Summer would last for eternity, but the weather is now on the turn.  The nights are drawing in, the rain has returned and there's a chill in the air.  This will need to be prepared for.  Everyone will be out buying warmer clothes, raking the dead leaves from their lawns and clearing the gutters.  They might even need to repair their roof or get their boiler repaired.

Think about how you can link your business to the changing of seasons.  Maybe do a tie-in with a local gardening company, roofer or plumber.  Hold competitions on social media or via your website to win money-off vouchers for their services. (We can produce content for this - click to send us a message)

autumn marketing


Go Out with a Bang

Of course, most businesses will be thinking about their Christmas promotions.  In fact, they’ve probably been thinking about it since Easter.  But there are events that occur between now and then.  We’ve already talked about the schools going back, but what about Guy Fawkes Night and Hallowe’en?  Take a look at local organised fireworks displays and see how your company can get involved.

Maybe you could contribute towards their costs and have marketing at the event.  As for Hallowe’en, fancy dress in the workplace is always a popular option.  You could also have prizes on offer for customers that post pics on your social media, that link to your business in some shape or form…!

No matter what time of year, there’s always something you can do to stir up publicity and keep yourself in the public eye, regardless of the weather.  And don’t forget, if you ever need any audio or animation produced for your promotions, click to send us a message - We’re full of ideas.  

Now, where did we put those toffee apples…?

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