How to Set Business Goals and Achieve Them

Last updated 4th of December 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

How to Set Business Goals and Achieve Them in 2019

As we head into December, the Christmas season is reaching its peak, which means this is the time many of us are setting business (and personal) goals for 2019. Here are some tips on how to set business goals and achieve them, making sure you stay on course throughout the year.

Make them Positive and Constructive

The reason we’re talking goals and not resolutions is because New Year’s resolutions rarely work. That's because they are usually based on negatives – what you don’t want to happen, what you won’t do any more – and they’re too abstract. For example: “This year I will lose weight” or “This year we’ll cut back on operating costs in the business”.

Instead, set clear-cut overall goals for the year and make them realistic, measurable and manageable

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Set Performance Goals

When you set out your goals, focus on performance rather than outcome. Outcome goals tend to be dependent on other factors outside your control.  For example, an outcome goal would be to outperform your main competitor in 2019. You have no control over what your competitor will do in the next year; they may invent a new thingamabob that pushes their revenue through the roof!

A performance goal might be to increase revenue by 5% by the end of the year, but even that has uncontrollable variables. Instead, consider a more tangible goal of upselling 1 in 5 customers to your deluxe package.

how to set business goals and achieve them


Break It Down

31st December 2019 is a long way away. It can be difficult to stay on track with one large goal, so break things down into smaller, more manageable goals. For example, if you’ve determined that you can achieve a 5% increase in revenue by upselling 1 in 5 customers to your deluxe package, you need to set monthly goals to accomplish this.

Announcing your main goal to your employees at the beginning of the year is easy, but without measurable actions and the tools to achieve them, you will leave them floundering. Smaller goals might include: creating a website article each week related to the benefits of the deluxe package; providing 2 hours additional sales training for your frontline staff each month; a target of 5 social media posts each week showing customers enjoying the benefits of the deluxe package; creating and adding offers and incentives to your marketing materials each month.

Again, make your smaller goals positive, manageable and measurable.

How to Set Business Goals and Achieve Them in 2019

Don’t be afraid to make changes during the year if some things don’t appear to be working or if you or your team come up will a brilliant idea. Goals are important but should never be so rigid you can’t adjust or re-evaluate them along the way. Keep everybody accountable (including yourself) and don’t forget to celebrate the small and big achievements with your employees.

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