Frequently Asked Questions in Your On Hold Message

Last updated 16th of May 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

FAQ in Your OHM! (AKA Frequently Asked Questions in Your On Hold Message)

Is your team fed up of answering the same questions from callers over and over…and over again?

Every business has a number of frequently asked questions they receive from callers, usually on a daily basis. It could be mundane questions like “What are your opening times?” or “Where are you located?” But, often, different businesses have their own unique frequently asked questions, such as, "Can we book your studio to record a music album?" and "How can I become a voiceover?" (just two of the questions we're asked regularly).

So, how do you save your team from the frustration of having to answer the same questions over and over again? How do you free up that extra time it takes to answer these simple questions when they could be having more fruitful conversations with callers or getting on with other work?

FAQs are Not Just for Websites

Many business websites have an FAQ page if they find they receive the same enquiries over and over again. Others simply cover the information on their homepage. This makes good business sense as visitors to your website are looking for answers and want to decide whether they should go ahead and deal with your business or not. Answering their questions without them needing to search too hard, or make the extra effort to contact you, reflects well on your business.

So, why not offer the equivalent courtesy to your callers?

Answer FAQs in Your On Hold Message

The time you take to transfer your callers or put them on hold until somebody can speak with them can be valuable customer service and marketing time. Your automated message can cover all the most frequently asked questions, so the caller receives at least some of the answers they were seeking quickly, and they can either hang up (leaving your team members free to continue whatever they were working on) or go on to have more valuable, in depth conversations.

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For example, if your callers always ask about shipping costs include: “We ship our products worldwide. Shipping is free to anywhere in the UK and for any order over £100 for the rest of the world.”

Maybe your business is known for supplying one product or service but you’re constantly being asked whether you also offer others. You can answer this FAQ easily as well as provide a soft-sell marketing message: “Did you know, as well as offering a wide range of business gifts, we also supply personalised workwear, from t-shirts and sweat shirts to jackets and hi-vis vests? Ask us for more details when a member of our team answers your call.”


Receiving the same questions day after day can be frustrating for your team, especially when there’s a simple fix that will help both your business and your callers. Create an on hold message that covers all that general information and get the FAQ out of the way ASAP in your OHM, so you can go on to have more meaningful and productive conversations. TYVM. 

Fresh Air Group can help you create or update your on hold message with answers to all your frequently asked questions and more. Call us now on 020 7100 7986.

For those who don’t speak acronym:

FAQ  - Frequently Asked Questions

AKA - Also Known As

OHM – On Hold Message or On Hold Marketing

FTW – For The Win (victory or success)

ASAP – As Soon As Possible (we all know that one)

TYVM – Thank You Very Much


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