Summer On Hold Message

Last updated 24th of April 2019

Author Lisa Hartwell

Enjoy a Scorching Business Season with a Summer On Hold Message

April is almost over, which means it’s time to think about your summer on hold message - time to consider updating your current message with a new one or finally have a custom on hold marketing message made for your business.

Why is a Summer On Hold Message Important?

Just as with a Christmas on hold message, there are reasons why having a custom summer message is important for your business marketing.

Your business likely fits into one of two groups:

  1. Enjoys a seasonal boost each summer because your products or services are popular at this time of year
  2. Suffers from a summer business slump with trade slowing down significantly

Both categories necessitate you creating specific marketing material but with a slightly different focus.

We can help you promote what you do and sell more throughout the summer and beyond using on-hold marketing. Click to get in touch, or call 01752 229246.

Enhance Your Summer Business Boom

If your business offers products or services that are popular during the summer months, then your marketing – and your on hold message – should help encourage customers to choose your business over all others.

Tell callers about your business and what you offer. Cross-promote those products or services they may not be aware of. Share special offers and events. As your summer marketing goes into overdrive, don’t neglect the captive audience that is already calling your business

Don’t Succumb to the Summer Business Slump

If you’re used to trade slowing down over the summer, it’s easy to accept it as the standard and avoid pushing your marketing, choosing instead to concentrate on the upcoming autumn/winter seasons. But, this is the perfect time to create out-of-season offers on products or services that are popular at other times of the year. You may hold special summer events, competitions or promotions, take part in fairs and carnivals, or raise money for charity. Tell your callers about them in your on hold message, invite customers to get involved and remind them how they can find out more.

Time to Sizzle!

As with any other time of the year, the summer season necessitates a change in your marketing and this includes your on hold message. Now is the time to plan and execute the changes, so you’re ready to enjoy a scorching business season.

We can create a new on hold marketing message for your business, complete with all your seasonal events and offers. Click to get in touch, or call 01752 229246. We have experienced scriptwriters and producers who will create the perfect on hold messaging for your business.


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