Distributing Your Internal Comms Podcasts

Last updated 25th of May 2020

Author Lisa Hartwell

Distributing Your Internal Comms Podcasts

The CommsChat we helped lead back in February brought up the question of distributing your internal comms podcasts. Even if you already had a podcast for your employee communications, the current situation - with many employees working from home - may have thrown up an issue with distribution using your previous methods. 

As with previous topics in this series, how you distribute depends on your audience and what works for them. In general, though, the easier you make it for them, the more likely they are to listen. You can now share internal podcasts in multiple ways including intranet or secure online streaming AND download (i.e. make it possible for employees to listen online but also download it to personal devices); internal communications apps; phone line.

Should You Distribute Your Podcast Publicly?

As was mentioned during previous topic discussions, you should consider whether this could be a public podcast on public channels making it even more accessible. A number of organisations have done this successfully including American Airlines and Deloitte. It’s definitely not for every organisation but worth considering.

On this theme, Catriona Fountain noted that, “some industries are very collaborative - housing associations are great at sharing their learning, so long as there was nothing commercially sensitive I think this would work really well.”

Here’s what Paul and Martin had to say:

Chuck Gose added, “In my opinion, for a podcast to truly be a success, you have to distribute it via how people currently listen to podcasts. It’s about the viewer and you have to streamline the distribution”

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