Chamber of Commerce Diary Video Case Study

Last updated 12th of December 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

Chamber of Commerce Diary Video Case Study

Recently, we were approached by the Devon Chamber of Commerce to help them communicate their diary of events to members. As we shared in our blog post on small business video ideas, there are a variety of styles of video you can utilise in your marketing or, in this case, member communications.

With the Chamber we decided on an on-camera video featuring the Chamber’s Deputy Chief Executive, Lesley Shorrocks, with simple background graphics to illustrate and reiterate each event. 

Benefits of Creating an On-Camera Video for Member Communications

  • Well-known format (online video) that many people use every day
  • Familiar presenter provides authenticity and greater engagement
  • More memorable than written communications, especially for visual learners (65% of people)
  • Appeals to a wide demographic

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Combining video with other forms of communication improves the reach and engagement of important information. It’s also an appealing format that can be shared on social media to attract non-members to Chamber events. 

This was recorded in our Green Screen studio (Chromakey) which enables us to replace the background with graphics. We designed a simple ‘virtual set’ background for the video which consisted of visually appealing slow moving ‘waves and swirls’ and a virtual TV screen, all compiled using the Chamber of Commerce’s brand colour pallete.

We can even cut the video down as and when event dates have passed, so that the video can still be shared and remain completely relevant.

How could you use this in your organisation?


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