Promotional Exhibition Video

Last updated 15th of February 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

Behind the Scenes: Promotional Exhibition Video

Creating a promotional video to highlight your company's USP can be a daunting prospect for many businesses, especially if that video is going to be playing on a large screen at a national exhibition. That’s exactly what Access4Lofts Franchise needed. They asked us to create a promotional exhibition video to help them stand out from all the other franchise opportunities at the National Franchise Exhibition at Birmingham’s NEC. 

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The Brief

Our brief was to create presentation graphics that would form the focal point of their stand; appearing on a 65” screen. So, the video needed to be clear, visually captivating, whilst not being repetitive (for those spending time at the stand) and each frame needed to add to the overall message.

We actually created two versions (cuts) of the video, which are very similar in content but with a few differences based on their purpose. An event version, which also contains some slides pertaining to financial information about the franchise opportunity, and this pre-promotional cut to help with pre-event publicity, letting viewers know where to find the Access4Lofts Franchise team at the exhibition.

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How We Did It - Creating a Promotional Exhibition Video

Access4Lofts Franchise supplied us with a copy of the full franchise brochure and our copywriter worked through it to extract key phrases, opportunities and headlines, which would be "punchy" and visually captivating.

We requested as many of the original assets as possible from the brochure creator, so we could tie these in with the graphics – although not all were available.

We then went through a process of best-matching the approved on-screen copy with complimentary imagery, and adapting the brochure assets to make them bolder or give them a three-dimensional feel. Where an existing graphic didn’t exist, we sourced our own or created colour-based solid graphics to give some variation against the photo-based images.

All colours on screen were to be taken from the client’s colour palette consisting of blue, bold yellow, black and white. Fonts were also from the client’s brand.

The intro logo was created from scratch too; turning the client’s logo into an animated blueprint to link what they do.

In this behind-the-scenes video, Paul explains just one of the techniques we used for taking a static image of a row of houses and making it more visually appealing.

Client’s Response

To say Access4Lofts Franchise was pleased with their promotional exhibition video is an understatement. This was their response:

We are launching our new franchise at the National Franchise Exhibition in February 2018 and wanted a video to help us stand out from the crowd!

From the very beginning we had total trust that the creative team from Fresh Air Group understood our business and who we were trying to reach. They not only understood our brief, but they added their expertise to bring a lot of the 'still' images we supplied to life, making the video far more than we thought possible. The finished product is fantastic and will not only be used on our stand at the exhibition but also on our new website and all our social media channels. I can't recommend them highly enough! They truly are a breath of 'fresh air' in the communication world!


If you would like to talk to us about how we could create a similar promotional video for your business, whether for an exhibition, your website or your social media, please call Fresh Air Group on 020 7100 7986 or contact us via the website.


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