Festive Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Last updated 12th of November 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

5 Fun Festive Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

November conjures up images of autumn leaves, bonfires and fireworks but for most businesses, November is when their Christmas marketing really kicks in. 

If you haven’t started your Christmas marketing campaign yet or you’re stuck for ideas, maybe we can help.

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12 Days of Christmas

You know the song: “On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me…” Why not hit social media with your own 12 Days of Christmas promotion, featuring a different product or service each day. 

Use your team to produce fun, festive photos and videos and create a hashtag for others to use when they share them. Hold a giveaway at the end of the 12 days for all those who participated.

Advent Calendar

If you’re feeling extra generous, you could use the previous idea and open a different window of your business advent calendar with a prize giveaway every day – anything from your own products and services to cinema tickets, meals out or vouchers. Team up with other businesses and share the Christmas marketing joy.

Create Personalised Items to Give to Customers

Provide every customer with a gift during the holiday season. For example, you could create your own Christmas stockings or crackers containing personalised items (such as sweets, chocolates, pens, t-shirts, phone decals and coffee cups) and vouchers for their next visit.



Lay on Some Festive Fare

Do you have a star baker in your midst? Or maybe there’s a local bakery you order from on a regular basis? Have some Christmas biscuits made daily to hand out to customers when they visit your business. 

Gingerbread is always a favourite at this time of year especially when decorated with lots of yummy icing!

Just Dance!

Do you and your team get sick of hearing the same Christmas tunes playing for 8 hours a day? Why not create a playlist of non-Christmas tunes with occasional Christmas favourites thrown in? 

Encourage your employees to really enjoy themselves every time they hear a Christmas song, such as pulling on a Santa hat, dancing, singing and shaking jingle bells. 

This is not something that will suit every business, but it’s a great way to bring festive cheer to the workplace and it should encourage customers to pull out their phones and share the fun with their friends on social media – almost like a flash mob but happening several times a day.

Sounds Like Christmas

We’re all about audio and video at Fresh Air Group, and a simple way to bring Christmas into your marketing is to update your marketing materials with Christmas themed versions. 

Let us create your Christmas on-hold message featuring all your seasonal offers and events. We’ll add Christmas music and sound effects and we might even persuade Father Christmas to voice it for you!
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