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Last updated 8th of November 2018

Author Lisa Hartwell

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Christmas On Hold Message

If you’ve considered creating a unique Christmas On Hold Message for your business, you may have dismissed it for one of three reasons (or perhaps all of them): too gimmicky; your business isn’t one that benefits from Christmas spending; and it’s just another way for on hold companies to get more money out of your marketing budget.

All are good arguments against spending out on a new message that will play for 6-8 weeks each year, but the reasons for recording a new message for your phone system are just as compelling. A Christmas on hold message is a great marketing tool for what is possibly your busiest time of year but, more importantly, it’s a sign that you take your customer care and service seriously.

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1. Opening Hour Changes

Every business has different opening hours around Christmas and the New Year; sometimes opening longer hours on certain days and then closing for the holiday itself. Providing all this information in your on hold message means that callers will know when to visit and when to stay away. You don’t want customers turning up at your business to find you closed – they may never come back. Similarly, you don’t want to open later on the run-up to Christmas only to find yourselves twiddling your thumbs because no one knows about it.

On hold messages are about more than marketing; they’re about giving good customer service too. If you’re a service business, you might also want to let them know how to contact the business out-of-hours, especially if you offer a call-out service.

Christmas On Hold Message


2. Seasonal Deals and Events

If your business isn’t running seasonal deals or events, then we can only assume you’re a surf school and you’ve closed up shop to spend the winter catching waves in Bali! We’re sure your marketing has gone into overdrive online, in print media and on the radio, but what about your on hold message? All those callers to your business could be hearing about your Christmas offers while waiting to speak to a member of your team

You not only have a captive audience, but the fact that they have taken steps to call your business suggests they’re already interested in your products or services. Make sure they know why they should pick your business over any others this December. And don’t forget to mention your New Year sale!

3. Don’t Be a Grinch!

It may seem gimmicky, but the reason businesses use Christmas music and messages in their marketing is because they work! Have some fun with your Christmas on hold message and enter into the spirit of the season. Your customers are going to spend a lot of money on Christmas – we all do – so, even if you’re not a business that offers popular Christmas-time gifts and services, let them know you enjoy this time of year too. They’re more likely to remember you when the new year rolls around.

My Business Doesn’t Benefit from Christmas Marketing 

Let’s address further the matter of those businesses that don’t offer gifts and services that people are likely to spend extra on at Christmas. We may have joked about the surf school but there are many that might feel a Christmas on hold message is not for them – solicitors and funeral directors immediately spring to mind. You may not feel a light-hearted Christmas message is suitable for your business, but a seasonal message will still provide a better customer experience

The above examples will definitely be kept busy over the holiday season and callers need to know, more than ever, about changes in opening times and what to do out-of-hours. Your message may be serious, but it can offer additional support and understanding at what, for many, will be a tough time of year. And, if you happen to add information about the Christmas charity work your organisation has been doing or new services you will be offering next year, it can only add to the profile of your business with callers.

As you can see, creating a Christmas on hold message isn’t only about finding another way to spend money on your marketing, it’s a crucial part of your customer service and care. Consider updating your message for the Christmas season and let your callers know how important they are to your business


Let us create your Christmas on hold message (and out-of-hours messages) featuring all your seasonal offers and events, opening hours and other customer service information. We’ll add Christmas music and sound effects, where appropriate, and we might even persuade Father Christmas to voice it for you! Click to send us a message or call 020 7100 7986.

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