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We make businesses sound good

You've probably heard our work. Every day we help businesses communicate using audio, in many different ways. We've been at it since 1998. That's a lot of noise we've made!


It's a noisy marketplace, so give your business a voice.

Want to use podcasts in your internal communications but don't know where to start? Trust us to provide the ideal solution.

Businesses, if you're looking to engage with clients and connections via social media - grab a piece of the podcast pie.

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Make your IVR better.

IVR is a 'necessary evil', but it needn't be annoying and complicated.

With effective scriptwriting and natural voices, simply put: we can help you provide an improved customer experience.

Quicker and more effective connections.

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Consult & Train

Bring some Fresh Air into your organisation.

With over 20 years' experience in communicative audio, we've learnt a lot... and now it's time to share!

We provide podcast strategy workshops, that are about recording to achieve results.

Our IVR consultancy services improve functionality and brand.

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You're in great company!

We're proud to call the following brands our clients.
For podcasts and internal comms, we've worked with...

You're in great company! 1
You're in great company! 2
You're in great company! 3
You're in great company! 4
You're in great company! 5
You're in great company! 6

For IVR and contact centre audio, we've worked with...


...and many more! Some of whom we're not allowed to tell you :)


The number of mobile phone customers who will use IVRs recorded by us


The number of people who listen to our corporate audio programmes every year

The number of UK businesses that use our telephone messaging to greet customers

The number of interviews we produce each year to make business leaders sound great

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Client Testimonials

People can hear their they are saying things - you get far more than you do from any sort of written communication.

Serco - About our Internal Comms solutions

Over the years [Fresh Air Group] has continually met and exceeded expectations through excellent client management.

Post Office - About our IVR solutions

In a recent communications audit, [Fresh Air Group's solution] was rated positively amongst colleagues as a highly valued communications channel.

E.ON - About our Internal Comms solutions

Working hard to achieve our aims, they have anticipated issues and have provided robust resolutions. The end product is always of the highest standard.

Craig Elmer-White (Customer Experience Consultant) - About our IVR solutions

In 2013 Fresh Air Group's work for our Customer Network was shortlisted in the prestigious Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) category for Best Broadcast.

Lead Business Partner, Global Bank - About IC solutions

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